One Part Harmony – FileMaker Database Design, Development, and Maintenance

Custom Function Categories

To help you find the right custom function for the job at hand, we've grouped them into categories. Just click on a category name to see a list of the custom functions in that category.

Keep in mind that some of these custom functions could easily fit in more than one category, so if you don't find what you're looking for immediately, please check in some of the other categories.

Please note: We have quite a few more functions in our library that we have yet to document here. We're adding additional categories and functions every week, so please check back often. (Last updated December 20, 2009)

Date and Time Utilities

The functions in this category handle transforming and formatting date and time fields.

Field Clean-Up

The functions in this category can be used to ensure the data stored in fields in the database and data in temporary variables has been “sanitized” -- or “normalized” -- so subsequent code that accesses the cleansed fields and variables can be simplified to expect certain formatting rules to have been followed.


The functions in this category return details of the current processing state that can be used for determining what additional processing might need to be performed.

Logical Functions

The functions in this category provide an easy and reliable way for your scripts to check for certain common situations so that subsequent code can be either executed or skipped based on whether the condition exits (is “true”) or doesn’t (”false”).

Value Lists & Script Parameters

FileMaker makes extensive use of “Value Lists” -- that is, a series of values separated by carriage returns.

The functions in this category make it easy to create, parse, and search value lists to assist with passing multiple parameters to a script, packing multiple values into a script result (the value returned from a subscript to the calling script), updating or deleting individual values in a value list, and much more.