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Custom Functions
Logical Functions

The functions in this category provide an easy and reliable way for your scripts to check for certain common situations so that subsequent code can be either executed or skipped based on whether the condition exits (is “true”) or doesn’t (”false”).

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Returns True if the CTRL key (or the Mac Command key) is held down, with or without the Caps Lock key on.

In our FileMaker applications, we standardize on the use of the CNTL key (or the Mac Command key) as the quick way for users to request an alternate action when clicking a button. For example, when clicking a “Delete” button, a user might invoke “expert” mode to skip the display of a confirmation dialog box. (Then we only tell the more technical users about this feature.)

Because FileMaker returns a slightly different value to signal which “modifier” keys are currently held down depending on whether or not the “Caps Lock” key is engaged, this function simplifies testing for whether the user is requesting the alternative action.

Is_All_Caps( Data )

Returns True if all alphabetic text in a string is uppercase.

Is_All_Lowercase( Data )

Returns True if all alphabetic text in a string is lowercase.

Is_All_Numeric( Data )

Returns True if a field or string contains only numeric data.


Returns True if a script if being run by a user accessing the database via FileMaker’s Instant Web Publishing (IWP) method.