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Custom Functions: Value Lists & Script Parameters

Used to extract individual values from a mutli-value string (value list) passed to a script, where the Parm function was used to package the individual vales.

Get_Parm( Number )
Number - The sequence number of the parameter value to be extracted.
Data Type Returned
If a script was called like this:
Perform Script[”Log_Cust”; Parameter: Parm(“21”) & Parm(“Jane”) & Parm(“Doe”)]

Use this code in the
Log_Cust script to retrieve the 3 parameter values:
Set Variable[$CustomerNumber; Value:Get_Parm(1)]
Set Variable[$CustomerFirstName; Value:Get_Parm(2)]
Set Variable[$CustomerLastName; Value:Get_Parm(3)]
This function is used to extract an individual value from a parameter “package” created with the Parm function.

After extracting the specified value, any pipe characters are converted back to carriage returns to handle the case where an entire value list was placed into a single value in the script parameter value list using the
Parm function.
FileMaker Versions Supported
7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
This function is used to extract paramerters passed to a script that were packaged using the Parm function.


MiddleValues( Get( ScriptParameter ) ; Number ; 1 ) ;

any carriage returns within a single parameter were translated to the pipe character by the Parm function (because carriage returns are used to separate multiple parameters), so change them back
[ "|" ; "¶" ] ;

any pipe characters within a single parameter were converted to the STX character by the Parm function, so change them back
[ "" ; "|" ] ;

any STX characters within a single parameter were converted to the ETX character, so change them back
[ "" ; "" ]