FileMaker Database Design, Development, and Maintenance

Organize & Access Your Data to Work Smarter

Morgan Jones, here, founder of One Part Harmony. We help business, government, and non-profit organizations apply computerized systems to solve everyday problems.

We specialize in FileMaker database design and development and connecting live databases to Web sites. We can start from scratch by meeting with your team to develop the design for a new application, or we can help you modernize and extend your existing databases.

Let me show you how to make your enterprise more organized, efficient, and profitable – while empowering your staff to work as a more closely-knit team to better serve your clients.

Call or e-mail today for more information, to schedule a free consultation, and to explore the possibilities.
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processDoing Business Well is a Process ... Not a Mystery

As the founder of One Part Harmony and an experienced businessperson, I've faced the same challenges as you. We all need to:

  • Identify new opportunities/prospects ... and recognize what to do next to turn them into signed contracts.
  • Track projects to ensure completion on-time and on-budget, while meeting or exceeding specifications and expectations.
  • Record critical interactions among team members, suppliers, and clients ... without burdening staff with busy work.
  • Provide each staff member with fast access to the exact information needed to handle each client's/project's ongoing needs ... as expeditiously as possible.
  • Analyze past activity to identify what we do well (and most profitably) and what needs improvement.

With 30+ years of experience as a systems analyst, software developer, entrepreneur, CTO, CFO, and CEO, I am ready to help your enterprise automate these essential tasks right now ... at a cost you can afford.
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