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Here are some of the FileMaker-based projects we've undetaken for various clients:

Culinary Academy – Student Records Systems

Designed and implemented custom database application to track all current and prospective students; describe all details of curriculum and produce course catalog; schedule each occurrence of each class offered; produce bulk mailings to announce and promote new class offerings; schedule assistants for each classroom session; record, format, assemble, and print recipe and informational handouts for all classes; identify prospects for specific marketing campaigns and drive telephone and email sales efforts; and track and report each student’s progress toward completion of the school’s two-year program.


Greeting Card Wholesaler – Customer Relationship Management System

Designed and implemented custom database application to track retail outlets and chains that carried the firm's greeting cards; link employees of retailers to employers; create a repository of photographs and quotations used for current and future products; schedule appointments for photo sessions; identify prospects for specific marketing campaigns and drive telephone and email sales efforts; import detailed sales data from MYOB accounting software and link to customers in database.


Marketing and Branding Agency – Event Management System

Designed and implemented custom database application to schedule hundreds of brand-promotion events held at retail outlets and public venues around the country; assign contractors from nearby cities to supervise and staff each event; and for each event, designate the photos to be taken, the statistics to be gathered, and the giveaways to be tallied. To populate the database initailly, imported data for past year's events from SQL database. Used FileMaker's Instant Web Publishing to create a web interface to allow applicants for contract field jobs to apply online; supervisors to report the descriptive and attendance details and upload photos for each event from the field; and clients to view the results for completed events via the web.


Pediatric Medical Clinic – Patient Records Systems

Designed and implemented a custom database application to track patients and parents; link family members based on relationships and insurance policies; schedule appointments based on treatment options required and facilities availability; interface electronically with numerous reference laboratories around the country to retrieve completed test results; use pattern-matching logic to extract numerical values from lab reports in PDF and HL7 formats and display in spreadsheet views; provide fast and easy-to-use search options to allow doctors and nurses to find and view current and past test results for a single patient during consultations and treatments; provide flexible analytical tools to allow researchers to study the patterns in test results for groups of patients with similar diagnoses.

Forex Currency Trader – Position Tracking and Analysis

Designed and implemented a custom database system to import trade-summary spreadsheets generated by MetaTrader platform; build a price-movement log for each position opened; calculate maximum potential profit based on various risk levels (stop loss settings) for each trade; provide tools to allow for analyzing history of trades for a given currency pair to determine most profitable money-management parameters.

Enterprise Software Supplier – Customer Purchase History Database

Designed and implemented a custom database to collect and centralize all details of customer license and maintenance purchases, including automatic import and merging of QuickBooks data from multiple company files.

Antique Maps, Globes & Books Dealer –CRM, Inventory & Sales Management

Designed and implemented a custom database to track the inventory of 40,000+ rare and antique maps, globs, books, and prints, including an extensive library of photos and scans of each item; to make this inventory available for sale via the web; and to track customer communications, invoices, shipments, and payments.

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Morgan Jones' Business Experience

Founder, President & CEO - Tymlabs Corporation

Founded this company to provide business consulting, systems design, and application development services to business and government. After two years of profitable operations, completed metamorphosis to a product-based company focusing on system software for the HP 3000 computer system.

Wrote the offering documents for 5 private-placement Section 174 R&D partnerships, recruited the general partners, and sold approximately half of the investment units to raise $1.5 million to fund new product development. Led the R&D efforts of the firm to produce a system backup product that cut time requirements by 50%, the first C-language compiler for the HP 3000, a terminal emulation product that allowed for substitution of sub-$1000 terminals for $3500+ models offered by Hewlett-Packard, a compiler for the proprietary Quiz reporting language that doubled performance, and an electronic forms design tool allowing customers to use sub-$1000 laser printers to replace a $100,000 model from H-P.

Negotiated acquisition of a UK-based developer of Windows-based product that complimented our Macintosh product and managed the integration into a single product line. Led the negotiation of a private-labeling agreement allowing H-P to replace its aging AdvanceLink product line with our technology.

Grew the company to $7.5 million in annual sales and 65 employees. Negotiated sale of the business to Unison Software to position the resulting firm for a public offering. (After IPO, Unison was subsequently sold to Tivoli Software, a division of IBM.)

Co-Founder, Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer - Tymdata Corporation

With a partner, founded this company to market Hewlett-Packard business computer systems to business and government.

Designed and developed a suite of tools (language dialect translators, system utilities, device drivers, etc.) for automating the conversion of a client’s existing data processing applications from competing brands of computer systems to HP 3000 time-sharing systems. Grew the business to become HP’s largest OEM customer in the Southern Sales Region (Texas to Florida). Sold interest in this company to partner, and spun out the consulting and services operations of this firm into a new company, Tymlabs Corporation.
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Morgan Jones' Accounting Experience

Trained on-the-job as a full-charge bookkeeper in a printing and publishing firm, and then performed all bookkeeping tasks including accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed asset, payroll, and general ledger accounting using manual systems for several years. Designed and wrote software applications subsequently used by this business and its service-bureau clients to automate all accounting functions.

Served as CFO of Tymlabs Corporation for several years, supervising all accounting operations and personally handling the monthly closing of the general ledger. Worked directly with CPA to plan tax strategy.

Installed QuickBooks for a small software development firm and acted as CFO and controller, handling all accounting tasks as a part-time contractor. Established merchant account and worked with web designer to integrate into web store.

Installed QuickBooks Point-of-Sale systems at 2 locations for a pediatric medical clinic and trained staff to utilize bar-coded labels for packaged product sales. Set up merchant accounts to allow accepting credit cards from within QuickBooks.
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Kind Words from Some of Our Clients ...

As a physician involved in both clinical practice and research, I regularly had to comb through hundreds of pages of test results for a particular individual or manually extract  all results for a specific test from years of lab work for a cross-section of patients. These were time-consuming tasks that meant I had less time to spend with my patients.

Morgan was able to create a FileMaker application that completely automated the data capture from a number of outside labs we used, even though each lab sent us results in a different way and using a different format. Then it was fast and easy to access and analyze  hundreds of thousands of clinical data points. And because our FileMaker system  was connecting directly to the different labs, the results were available in the database a day or two before the paper versions arrived.

The application Morgan created for us was unlike any I've seen before and superior to any that are commercially available. It truly changed the way we operated on a day-to-day basis and made it possible to improve patient care in a meaningful way.

Morgan's professional skill and demeanor are of the highest level. What's more, Morgan is an honest and caring human being.

Dr. Jeffrey G. Baker, ND


I've worked with Morgan for over 7 years now. The database he built has been indispensible to my business. It has saved so much time, energy, and money, and has allowed us to expand much faster and with far fewer growing pains.

Morgan's expertise, competence, and wise guidance has made the process simple and user friendly. Anything we want done, he just builds it right into our database. This flexibility has allowed the system to grow as our needs have grown. 

Our FileMaker database has increased productivity, given us affordable, professional business systems that would normally be "only for the big guys," and made it easy for our staff to deliver consistent, professional, and extraordinary service every time. 

A system that can empower ordinary people to deliver extraordinary results is definitely a tool that can benefit any business.

Dawn Pallavi, Director
The Natural Epicurean


I hired Morgan Jones in 2006 based on his technical skills, professionalism, and personality. He knows his stuff and he is easy to work with. What I didn't realize was the amazing added value I would receive. Morgan's willingness to share relevant insights from his decades of business experience was invaluable.

Besides being one of most honest and straightforward people I've ever worked with, he is also one of the most efficient. If you need a FileMaker expert, without a doubt, Morgan's your man. But if he thinks your requests don't make sense for you, he will diplomatically spell out the big picture to make sure you get what you need to achieve your business goals. I appreciated that he was always looking out for my best interest regarding extra expense and ease of use.

But the best part about working with Morgan was his level of availability and support. Whenever I had a question, no matter how complex or how small, it gave me peace of mind to know that he was just a phone call away.

I've worked closely with Morgan for three years, and I highly recommend him as a FileMaker developer, business consultant, and all around good guy.

Sue Rostvold
Verysupercool Greeting Cards
Social Media Consultant

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